Some of you may already know a little bit about me from having seen me prancing around in my pants on Channel 4, but for those who don’t… let me fill you in some more.

Essentially, I’m a writer, producer and broadcaster with over 15 years’ experience in television. I’m proud to say that in recent years I’ve been involved with some of the most successful prime time formats on British TV screens. I was the co-creator of the hit series You Are What You Eat, which sold around the world; and was also lucky enough to go in front of camera to present the brilliant diet series Supersize v Superskinny, My Big Fat Diet Show and the Sex Education Show – all for Channel 4.

Ok, so I’ve investigated food and diets as part of my job but what really makes me such an expert when it comes to your body, food and dieting? Well I’m not. And that’s the point. I’m just an ordinary girl who’s struggled with her weight ever since she was a little girl. I happen to have tried every diet going…and discovered my own weight loss plan along the way.

As a fatty who’s shifted two stone and finally feels comfortable in her own skin, that makes me very happy. And if I can do it…then absolutely anyone can. Even you.