Anna and Justine

For the first time in my life going to buy a chocolate bar has had a positive outcome. As I was standing in the queue to pay I happened to see your book on a stand next to me. The queue didn't move quickly, in fact it didn't move at all for 5 mins, so I had time to pick it up your book and browse through it. I happened to have some extra money with me so decided to buy it and see it as an investment in me. The Body Blitz accompanied me and the chocolate bar to the til.

Thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou! Absolutely amazing. This is the most down to earth, simple and realistic way of healthy eating I have ever come across. Simple rules to follow make choices very easy and best of all, it really really works, results are amazing. I'm only on day 5, and I'm -5lbs, yippee.

I have a kitchen full of "healthy eating cook books", I'll have a quick count........21 to be precise in various shapes and forms and already I have made more things from your book than all the others combined. I love the simplicity of the recipes, the ease of throwing meals together quickly and the use of ingredients that I already have in my kitchen, (no looking for names of beans that I can neither pronounce nor find in the supermarket!).

I bought your book on my birthday so I have set myself the goal of being 4 stones lighter on Jan 23rd next year which isn't unreasonable, (-1lb a week), hopefully I'll manage to do it a bit before then in time for xmas. I've never ever been 10 stones, but I never ever want to be 14 stones again so I am determined that the only way my scales are going to go is down!.

As instructed I am keeping my diary and recording my measurements, food, weight and exercise on a daily basis and it's really helping.

Thank you so much again Anna and Justine. You're an inspiration. Maybe I'll send a photo when I've lost my first stone.

Very best wishes A