Anna and Justine,

I am not usually the type to do this but I really felt that I had to write to say how absolutely fantastic I think the book is.

I like Anna am just plain greedy and while most people who know me would most likely say I didn’t need to lose weight I was not happy with how I was looking, I am an avid exerciser but I have no idea how much exercise it would actually take to lose the weight if I hadn’t cut back on my calorie in-take.

I started following the Rules on Monday 22 February and I did follow them, recipes and all for the first 2 weeks, I lost around 9lbs in those first two weeks alone by combining the Rules and my normal exercise routine, I like many was sceptical as to how I would be able to maintain the level of exercise and dramatically cut my calorie in-take. I can honestly say I have not felt lacking in anything.

Now seven weeks in, through Easter and a skiing holiday I am still sticking to the rules but I have introduced the odd extra as I am a lover of wine, I will admit to having fallen off the wagon on more than a couple of occasions in the last seven weeks but I think that is where the level of exercise does matter as I have now lost a total of 16lbs and where I have had weeks with no lose I have not gained.

I started on 22 February at a ten year high of 11 stone 2lbs and am now watching in disbelief as the scales at resting easy at 10 stone.

It is clear that the Rules are not a fad and are a better way of looking at food so much so that they become second nature and you no longer think about what is “allowed” it’s rather just what and how you eat.

That’s it really just a big thank you for being so honest and forthright as the narrative of the book is just as important as the meal plans etc. JW


I followed Anna’s Body Blitz diet for two weeks and after the first two weeks I had lost 7lbs in weight and 4 inches off my waist! My friends are so impressed that they are now buying the book and following the body blitz diet too.

I found the diet very easy to follow and enjoyed the food immensely. It certainly has changed my eating habits. I now eat less wheat, alcohol and sugar overall and have found I have a lot more energy than I did before. Since finishing the fortnight, I have added a few more calories to my diet as Anna suggests and I am still managing to lose 2-3 pounds a week. I can’t believe how easy it has been!

The book itself has a great look about it and the photographs are beautiful, making you want to cook the dishes. I keep my copy in my handbag so I’m never stuck for ideas when I’m out shopping. I would recommend this book to anyone.

J.R. Herts

Fabulous, warm and easy, 24 Dec 2009
By Dreamcatcher

Anna Richardson is such a down to earth and warm presenter that her very honest and funny diet book is a pleasure. She gives five rules to loose weight which she herself has learned over many years dieting. Now she has cracked the diet code, we don't have to! I received the book today and instantly ordered 4 for my friends as I know as the New Year approaches and also a brand new decade, that we can all benefit from this gorgeous little book. Packed with recipes, wonderful pictures and Anna's inimitable style I feel I will be able to follow this simple and delicious programme. Her Prawn curry is to die for! Buy it, you won't be sorry.
The best diet book I have read.

One week in and loving it!, 11 Jan 2010
By UK Reader (Wales)

I'm a one week into the two week plan and feeling great. Anna's rules and recipes are all nutritionally sound, and what's more, they're filling and easy to stick too. I've made lots of simple, tasty dishes and followed her tips for how to stick to the rules when you're out or eating with family and friends. Having a realistic plan is a great way to boost willpower as well as see results. I'm already working out what aspects I'm going to keep going beyond the initial two-week body blitz!

A Big Fat Five Stars, 14 Jan 2010
By E. Sharp

This info packed book is more than a diet book - it's actually a really practical and useful cookbook. It gives really sound nutritional advice with fantastic receipes and delicious snacks - all told in Ms Richardson's inimitable and engaging style.

It not only guarantees weight loss but clearly sets out a realistic eating plan. The five principles are clear and easy to stick to - it's about making choices.

I choose to be thin!!
I know Anna has tried different diets and eating plans and she's cracked it with this one.

If you have to buy one diet book make it this one. Clearly a must have.

A great book, 9 Jan 2010
By Butternut "Michele" (uk)

I started the body blitz diet last saturday 2nd Jan and I have already lost 7llb! Wow- I am so happy. This is just the kick start I needed. I work long hours and have a husband and 3 kids to look after but I have not felt hungry because I have got the snacks ready or a large bowl of soup that fills you up easily. There are some lovely ideas for me and the kids- filling soups that they all like with rye bread for me. The porridge and muesli are great for breakfast and the fruit salad an easy one on work days. I'm really determined to loose weight and I do not mind cutting out some foods to start with. The recipes are great and the pictures inspiring. I have made my family the chilli con carne, mexican chicken and lemony chicken with parma ham. While the diet is not for children, I found the recipes easy to slot into everyday life. My husband-who does not have as much to loose as me- has a portion of the meal with rice or potatoes and I make up an extra portion to take too work for lunch the next day so saving me the worry of what to eat. My husband- eating carbs- but following all the other rules has lost 6lb this week , and is very happy ! My friends want to try the diet, so I'm buying a couple more books to give as late christmas presents. Looking forward to the roast pork tomorrow with the family and the meatballs on monday.