The Body Blitz Diet iPhone app includes:

• The Five Rules for guaranteed weight loss
• The two week Body Blitz meal plan
• Over 30 delicious step-by-step recipes for the plan and beyond
• The Panic Button for moments of weakness
• An amazing Weight Tracker visual graph which clearly illustrates just how much weight is lost
• A bespoke, personal Photo Diary
• Exclusive introductory film from Anna
• Ideas for snacks, drinks and eating out, perfect for those moments of weakness be it in a restaurant, at home or the supermarket

Priced at £4.99

Anna Richardson’s Body Blitz Diet is being released as a fantastic iphone app.
Along with Anna’s five rules for guaranteed weight loss, delicious recipes, and daily meal planner, the iphone app includes the all-new Panic Button!
Don’t panic if you have a moment of weakness, if that bar of chocolate or glass of wine seems to be calling your name. Simply hit the panic button and your own, customized, motivational picture will flash up on the screen – be it that little black dress you want to slim into, or the jeans that you can’t quite button up - along with Anna’s words of encouragement,
and practical solutions to avoid undoing all your good work, and keep you on the straight and getting narrower.