Hello! I’m Anna Richardson and like so many of you out there I’m a serial dieter.

I’m a fat girl struggling to be in a slim body. I’m greedy, lazy and I absolutely love…no…adore food. In fact, I’d happily say I’m a food addict. And that’s why for the past 30 years I have always – always – struggled with my weight.

Until now.

So here are the facts. I’m 5ft 5 inches tall; a size 10-12; and a healthy 9 stone 7lbs – slimmer than I’ve been for 20 years and a whopping two stone lighter than I used to be. I’ve tried every crazy diet going to banish that bulge, including baby food, diet pills, and even surgery that went horribly wrong. Nothing worked.

But then I hit upon my very own diet secret. The Body Blitz Diet. Based on Five Rules, it’s perfect for anyone who wants to bust their gut in as painless a way as possible. What’s more, you can lose up to 7lbs in just 14 days with the minimum of fuss.

So now I can manage my addiction to food and am happier with my body than I have been in years. Weight loss really isn’t rocket science. And I want to break that spell right here, right now.

I LOVE my food – which is why I’ve packed my book full of delicious recipes that won’t leave you feeling hungry. Take a peek…or have a quick look at the video on the right.

Are you ready for the Five Rules for a brand new you? Go on! Give it a go.