Most of you probably don’t know this, but a few years ago I co-created the hit TV series You Are What You Eat, presented by Gillian McKeith on Channel 4.

I met a brilliant woman on that show called Justine Pattison who writes fantastic recipes and has a passion for making losing weight easy. We have stayed friends, and she was the first person I went to for help when I decided to write this book.
Together, we’ve created something we truly believe in.

Between us, Justine and I have lost over six stone. We know how it feels to be fat. We understand the pain of failure. And we also revel in the joy of slimming success.

So I can promise you that every single recipe Justine has created has been tried and tested. From our own experience we know that the key to successful weight loss is simple recipes that include easily sourced ingredients, have short preparation and cooking times and taste great too!

And finally, I can promise you that if you follow the rules,
you WILL lose weight, keep it off…and you’ll LOVE IT.

*please read this disclaimer